Tales of a Raptor Girl

Training the Trainer

There is one universal truth about any animal that is being trained:  they will try to train their trainer at some point.  And the smarter the animal is, the more they will push those boundaries.  It’s not that they don’t want to do the action they’re being trained to do, they are merely exploring the dynamic relationship between themselves and their trainer or handler.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that the smarter the animal, the more likely and frequently they will push those boundaries.

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On Being an Animal Person

People drain me; the more I’m around them, the more I want to be away from them.  This obviously excludes family and my husband.  But animals make me feel fantastic and the more I’m around them, the more I want to be around them.  The only exception to the people rule is when I get to talk to people about animals. Continue reading “On Being an Animal Person”

I’m good at what I do.

I’ll back up a second, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m being cocky.  To quote a wise man, it ain’t braggin mother f**er if you back it up.  Thanks for the sage words, Kid Rock. But seriously–I’m good at what I do when I’m working with raptors.  And it feels incredible to feel this good about my abilities.  A big part is having an innate talent as well as the right temperament to work with wild animals, especially birds of prey that are sitting on your hand, inches from your face.  The other part is guidance and training from those who have come before you and the wisdom to listen to their advice.

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How I got here.

Let me start all of this by giving a little history.  If someone would have told me ten years ago that my regular activities would include walking around with hawks and owls on my glove, or standing in front of a group of people with a bird, educating them about the species, I would have said, “Oh sure, I wish!”  But that is exactly what I do.

Who knew that three years ago, my life would change even more than it had already. Being laid off as a Director in a local IT firm caused my world to collapse around me, but it came with some relief too.  My final year in the position was filled with stress of knowing it was coming, but not when.  Of being bullied by a woman who clearly saw me as inferior simply because I didn’t have a degree.  And when the axe fell, my heart broke…and then I moved on.

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I’m a Raptor Girl.

Hi.  My name is Taryn and I work with birds of prey and I love what I do.  I love talking about what I do, about the birds that I work with, and everything in between.  I decided that I wanted to actually blog about it.  Because I want to share that while the work is rewarding and amazing, there is a lot of yuck that goes with it too.  But it’s all important and part of the fun that goes with being a Raptor Girl.s&t-4

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